Our Grant Programs

Great Outdoors Colorado grants continue to make a difference in communities statewide. Based on the four funding areas mandated by the Colorado Constitution—and with input from grantees and Coloradans—we’ve developed a variety of annual and special opportunity grant programs:


  • Conservation Easement Transaction Costs Grants provides funds for closing costs associated with conserving properties with donated conservation easements.
  • Conservation Excellence Grants to improve best practices at land conservation organizations and study issues affecting the conservation community.
  • Habitat Restoration Grants to help improve and restore Colorado's rivers, streams, wetlands, and critical habitat.
  • Local Government Park and Outdoor Recreation Grants offers grants of up to $350,000 to help construct and enhance community parks, outdoor recreation amenities, and environmental education facilities as well as Mini Grants of up to $45,000 for projects costing $60,000 or less.
  • Open Space Grants to help preserve Colorado’s open spaces, including land along river corridors, urban parcels, agricultural lands, and wildlife habitat.
  • Planning Grants to help develop strategic plans for the creation, protection, or enhancement of open space, wildlife habitat, parks, and trails.
  • The School Yard Initiative to create student-inspired outdoor play and learning environments on school grounds.
  • Youth Corps Grants to create hundreds of jobs for youth in the outdoors, such as building trails, doing erosion control after forest fires, and eradicating invasive species.


  • The Protect Initiative, developed as part of our strategic plan, will address large open space protection goals.
  • The Connect Initiative, part of our strategic plan, will help connect regional and local trail networks and provide more bikeable and walkable access to outdoor recreation.
  • The Inspire Initiative is the third prong of our strategic plan and was developed to address the growing disconnect between youth and the outdoors. 
  • Connect Initiative Trail Planning grants fund the hiring of a professional planning consultant to engage in trail planning efforts.
  • In response to the fall 2013 flooding, GOCO provided $5 million in emergency flood recovery grants to help affected communities repair or rebuild damaged parks, trails, and open spaces.