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Inspire Initiative

Cherry Creek State Park in Aurora, CO. Photo by Caveman Collective.

For our quality of life to endure, we know that Coloradans must appreciate and take care of our great outdoors. As the cornerstone of our strategic plan, GOCO created the Inspire Initiative to encourage youth and their families to develop such an appreciation. The Inspire Initiative establishes places for kids and their families to play and connect with the outdoors, programs that activate those places, and pathways to outdoor stewardship and leadership roles. To amplify the Inspire Initiative’s message and help it achieve its goals, a social change movement called Generation Wild was launched in 2017.

Across the state in Generation Wild communities, hard-working local coalitions are bringing projects to life using a community-led, youth-driven, collaborative approach to creating equitable access to the outdoors. This innovative framework is being looked to as a national model, and each coalition’s approach will serve as examples to other rural, urban, suburban, or mountain communities across the country.


This grant program is not currently accepting applications from new coalitions.


Contact Erika Meyer at 303-226-4512.