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Inspire Initiative

As the cornerstone of the strategic plan, the Inspire Initiative aims to connect youth and their families with the outdoors. For our quality of life to endure, we know that Coloradans must appreciate and care for our great outdoors. We can’t appreciate what we don’t experience. That’s why GOCO and its partners are establishing places for kids and their families to play and connect with the outdoors, programs that activate those places, and pathways to outdoor stewardship and leadership roles.

Local coalitions across the state are bringing projects to life through an integrated, youth-driven, collaborative approach. This innovative framework is being looked to as a national model, and each coalition’s approach will serve as examples to other rural, urban, suburban, or mountain communities across the country.

In 2015, GOCO sought proposals from community coalitions interested in addressing the growing disconnect between youth and the outdoors, starting with planning grants: 

PILOT: $100,000 for communities that demonstrated existing momentum and readiness to serve as one of six pilot coalitions.

TIER 2: $25,000 - $75,000 grants for 15 communities that demonstrate need and needed more time to assemble their coalition and complete community outreach and engagement.

Timeline for pilot coalitions

timeline for TIER 2 coalitions

  • July 26, 2017: Tier 2 communities submit grant requests for implementation.
  • November 30, 2017: Board awards implementation grants at the GOCO Board Meeting in Loveland.
  • December 2020: Deadline for project implementation.

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Contact Jackie Miller, Director of Youth Initiatives, at jmiller@goco.org.