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CPW Director's Innovation Fund

Eldorado Canyon State Park in Eldorado Springs, CO. Photo by Caveman Collective.

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) Director's Innovation Fund is the first avenue for CPW staff to directly access GOCO funding for state parks and wildlife. The Director’s Innovation Fund, created collaboratively between CPW and GOCO, is designed to highlight and elevate unique, one-time projects that complement CPW’s and GOCO’s respective strategic plans. Requests up to $20,000 will be considered and reviewed jointly by GOCO and CPW staff. The CPW Director will have final approval before projects are presented to the GOCO Board for funding approval. 

who can apply

The Director’s Innovation Fund is open to all CPW staff for parks or wildlife purpose projects. The Innovation Fund is intended for creative, one-time projects that are not funded annually through GOCO or other sources. Additionally, funding cannot be substituted or redirected for previously allocated funds. 

how to apply

  • Before beginning your application, contact program manager Emily Orbanek (303-226-4515) to determine your project's eligibility.
  • Download and review the grant application and below forms.
  • All applications must be submitted directly to program coordinator Emily Orbanek.



The next round of funding for this grant program will be announced in early 2019.


Contact Emily Orbanek at 303-226-4515.