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Strategic Plan

Please join GOCO in its 2020 strategic planning process! As part of our efforts, we’ll be engaging with stakeholders and partners across Colorado and hosting a statewide listening tour open to all. If you can’t join us for these in-person meetings, you can provide input through the form below. On March 3rd, GOCO hosted an interactive strategic planning webinar, which was open to the public. The webinar presentation slides are available for download here. You can find details about tour stops by visiting our listening tour page. If you have any questions or comments, email us at info@goco.org or contact a staff member directly. 


GOCO’s very existence is a result of Coloradans’ desire to protect and improve what they value most about their great state: our great outdoors. In 1992, our state’s voters approved a constitutional amendment to create the Great Outdoors Colorado Trust Fund, which invests a portion of Colorado Lottery proceeds in helping preserve, protect, enhance, and manage the state’s wildlife, park, river, trail, and open space heritage.

Since 1992, our hardworking and passionate partners have put $1.2 billion in GOCO investments to work across more than 5,200 projects in urban, suburban, and rural locales in all 64 counties. Investments by our independent board have resulted in 1.2 million acres of conserved land, 1,000 miles of river protected, 900 miles of trail, dozens of threatened and endangered species protected, and tens of thousands of youth connected to the outdoors. 

Our Approach

Through open conversation and regular meetings with our stakeholders, including local governments, land trusts, and Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW); key partners; and Coloradans interested in our state’s conservation and recreation future, we aim to ensure that what we fund reflects what you value most about Colorado and its outdoor spaces.

2020 Strategic Plan

In 2014, GOCO conducted a statewide listening tour, focus groups, and public and stakeholder surveys, as well as a situation analysis of the state and its outdoors, to inform the organization’s 2015 strategic plan. The plan guided GOCO’s funding priorities and established new initiatives to run from 2015-2020. It was anchored by three overarching goals: Protect land for places to recreate, to safeguard rivers and wildlife, and sustain local agriculture; Connect people to the outdoors, filling gaps in important trail systems; and Inspire more kids and families to get outside.

In 2019, GOCO began a strategic planning process that would build on successes and lessons learned from the 2015 plan and the organization’s 27-year history, setting a vision and direction for five or more years.

As part of the process, GOCO is exploring a strategic direction rooted in program values. We believe that continuing to fund communities’ most needed conservation and recreation projects through the lens of these values could create efficiencies for GOCO’s stakeholders and partners, and perhaps more importantly, help them identify, plan for, and complete the most meaningful work – work that inspires collaboration, that communities value highly, and that improves or transforms our prized outdoor spaces.

These values are currently in draft form and could evolve based on feedback we hear in the coming months: 

Draft Program Values

• Equitable Access: We value and support partners and communities actively breaking down barriers to the outdoors.
• Community Vitality: We help partners leverage conservation and outdoor recreation to improve their communities and peoples’ quality of life – to create jobs and promote economic activity, support public health, and enhance education.
• Resource Conservation: We support strategic land conservation and resource protection outcomes.
• Outdoor Stewardship: We invest in projects that sustain and improve the state’s natural and recreational resources.
• Youth Connections: We believe children deserve the opportunity to get outside, benefitting from the happiness, health, and sense of community that come with positive outdoor experiences. 

Provide Your Thoughts

We look forward to hearing your ideas about what these values mean to you and your community and how useful they might be in considering future conservation and recreation projects there.

Thoughts to share? Please complete the form below, or email us at info@goco.org.