GOCO is dedicated to fulfilling the trust of the people of Colorado by investing wisely in the great outdoors.

Our board members are fiduciaries of the Great Outdoors Colorado trust fund, which was created in 1992 when voters approved Amendment Article XXVII to the Colorado Constitution, reallocating Colorado Lottery proceeds. The board takes its responsibility to the people of Colorado seriously. Its members strive to be responsive to the needs of communities and accountable to the public.

Provide feedback on GOCO's proposed spending plan amendment for fiscal year 2025 by June 7, 2024. 

Lottery Proceed Beneficiaries

Up to 50% of lottery net proceeds are allocated to GOCO.

GOCO is funded by Colorado Lottery proceeds and receives zero dollars from general funds or taxpayers. Per the constitution, Lottery net proceeds are allocated according to this breakdown: 10% to Colorado state parks through Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW); 40% to the Colorado Conservation Trust Fund, which allocates funds to eligible local governments on a per capita basis; and up to 50% to GOCO against a constitutionally mandated cap adjusted for inflation each year. Once the cap is met, surplus funds go to Building Excellent Schools Today, the Colorado Department of Education’s school capital construction fund, and the Outdoor Equity Fund.

The constitution requires GOCO to allocate its funds to four areas—outdoor recreation, wildlife, local governments, and open space—in substantially equal portions over time. Outdoor recreation and wildlife funding is allocated through investments in Colorado Parks and Wildlife programs and facilities, while funding from the local government and open space quadrants is awarded through our competitive grant programs. GOCO’s fiscal year (FY) runs from July 1 to June 30 each year. See a snapshot of FY 22 finances here:


Great Outdoors Colorado revenues are primarily from lottery proceeds and interest income.

Revenues FY 2021-22 Amount to Date
Lottery Proceeds $73,117,767 $1,449,375,829
Interest & Other Income ($3,932,900) $47,788,106
Total Revenues $69,184,867 $1,497,163,935


Great Outdoors Colorado expenditures include payments to grantees and administrative expenses. Administrative expenses include operating costs and board expenses.

Expenditures FY 2021-22 Amount to Date
Grant Expenditures $68,048,786 $1,353,636,366
Administrative Expenses $5,262,535 $65,529,333
Total Expenditures $73,311,321 $1,419,165,699


Fiscal year 2023 estimated budget.

Revenues FY 2022-23 Expenditures FY 2022-23
Lottery Proceeds $74,192,506 Grant Expenditures $61,484,615
Interest & Other Income $800,000 Administrative Expenses $5,830,003
Total Revenues $74,992,506* Total Expenditures $67,314,618*

* Difference between budget revenues and expenditures reflects monies designated for prior grant obligations.

GOCO’s Spending Plan

The GOCO board approves and operates within both a five-year spending plan and single-year plan, making revisions as necessary. A flexible approach and diverse investment portfolio enable response to unforeseen situations and immediate opportunities.

Download the Five-Year Spending Plan

CPW Investment Plan

Each year the GOCO board invests in CPW through an annual investment plan, which reflects our organizations’ mutual commitment to the outdoors and describes how GOCO funding will be allocated across CPW programs and facilities.

Download the FY 2021-22 Investment Plan PDF

GOCO Financial Audits

Each year, GOCO’s finances are audited by a third-party firm, with findings reported to the state legislature. We’re proud of our track record. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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