The GOCO board embarked on an exciting journey when they approved the 2020 Strategic Plan back in June 2020. Now, as we gear up for the final stretch of this visionary five-year plan – with the upcoming fiscal year starting on July 1, 2024 being the last year of the plan – it’s time to infuse it with fresh energy and insight.

Building upon the momentum of our past successes, we’re gearing up for an exciting strategic plan update. Instead of crafting an entirely new strategic plan, we’re homing in on a targeted refresh, covering the next five years from 2026 to 2030. Why? Well, there are several compelling reasons:

  • The core values embedded within the 2020 Strategic Plan remain as vital today as they were at its inception. Concepts like resource conservation, outdoor stewardship, community vitality, equitable access, and youth connections are timeless pillars guiding our mission.
  • The unforeseen challenges posed by COVID-19 prompted us to recalibrate our strategies, causing some delays in the plan’s full implementation.
  • Our transition to a regional staffing model, alongside the adoption of the 2020 Strategic Plan, requires further nurturing to reach its full potential.
  • Both our staff and partners have been adapting to the evolving landscape of our strategy and grant-making approach. It’s been a journey of growth and adjustment that merits reflection and refinement.

As we embark on this journey of strategic renewal, our focus remains laser-sharp: to maximize our positive impact on Colorado’s communities and natural resources. We’re not doing this in isolation; instead, we’re inviting all stakeholders to join us. Through surveys, interviews, and engaging focus groups, we’re weaving together a tapestry of insights that will shape the future of GOCO.

So, keep your eyes peeled and ears tuned. Throughout calendar year 2024, expect to hear more from us we chart this bold course together.