Congrats to Lauren King who joined GOCO as a communications intern in January 2024! She's in her final semester as a graduate student at the University of Colorado Boulder getting her master's degree in environmental policy and outdoor recreation. In her role, she'll help GOCO share the good news of partner-led conservation and recreation work across the state. 

Tell us a little about yourself. What did you do before you began the fellowship?

I have been working towards my master’s degree for the past two years. During this time, I worked with Deloitte Consulting as a student consultant focusing on equity and environmental justice. I have also worked as a ski instructor up at Eldora during my time in graduate school.

Lauren King climbs a boulder with a spotter on the ground below.

What brought you to GOCO? Why do you want to work here?

I love that GOCO is an organization that allows me to combine passions. I am very passionate about the outdoors, outdoor recreation, conservation, etc. By working at GOCO, I can combine those personal passions with career aspirations while also working alongside people who share the same values as me.

What has been your favorite part of working here so far?

Even though I have only been working here very briefly, my favorite part is easily the people. Obviously, the work being done at GOCO is awesome, but a huge part of what makes it awesome is that the people working behind it all are value-driven and passionate about the work at GOCO.

What is your typical day like?

My typical day fluctuates quite a bit, but I try to create a decent amount of consistency throughout the week. Each day I incorporate some sort of physical activity. This might look like weightlifting, running, walking, climbing, or skiing. Then I will spend a good chunk of my day working, going to class, or working on class assignments. Outside of that, I will spend time working on my podcast, recording, or doing content creation management.

Lauren King headshot in ski goggles and jacket.

What are some of your favorite things to do outside?

I think backcountry skiing has to be my number one outdoor activity. After that, I would say climbing is always a go-to, but nothing beats just hanging out outside with friends and enjoying beautiful places.

Where is your favorite place (or places) to get outdoors in Colorado?

Honestly, anywhere in the mountains. I just love being in them whether I am backcountry skiing, climbing, at a ski resort, or just hanging out enjoying the views. It’s all great, beautiful, and humbling.

Where is your most memorable/entertaining/humorous outdoor mishap?

I think the most entertaining outdoor mishap (for everyone around me, not really for me) was realizing that I cannot ski powder. I have skied my whole life, but I cannot ski deep powder to save my life. The first time I did, I literally fell down the whole mountain because I could not stay upright. I am really trying to work on this.

What is the coolest wildlife you've spotted outdoors in Colorado?

I am pretty sure I have the worst luck with wildlife because I never see cool wildlife. I see bears all the time back home in California, but I have not seen any cool wildlife in Colorado, yet…lame I know.